High Security Fence

Some sites need a little more security. Learn more about your high security fencing options here. 

Airports have some of the most unique perimeter security fencing needs out there. We offer all the solutions you might require.


Why Is Airport Fence Different?

Airports are one of the most security sensitive areas that aren't entirely under government control. As major international transport hubs, it's critical to their operation, crew and passenger safety that their perimeter is impervious.

But there's more that goes into an airport fence than many other kinds of high security, simply because of their nature.

One consideration is the type of instruments that are used. Everything from magnetic equipment to radar can be disrupted by the wrong kind of fencing.

These fences are also very often installed on the outskirts of urban areas, so whatever fence is installed needs to be sensitive to local fauna, which may be injured on a poorly designed fence.

Rite-Way Fencing has manufactured, supplied and installed a variety of airport security fence systems, so we know our way around the design and installation process.

What We Do

When we work with customers on airport perimeter security projects, we try to take all their requirements into account, and design a fence system that suits their site specifically.

In the case of airport fences, this has in the past included special imported non metallic fence that is invisible to radar.

We've also installed perimeter fence systems with the bottom foot of mesh buried, to limit unauthorised access under the fence.

As far as gates are concerned, many airports have specialized requirements too. These include extra wide gates, which we can accomodate using our custom made aluminum cantilevers, or panic gates and turnstiles.

Whatever the requirements for your airport perimeter fencing project, we've got a fence solution that will work.

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