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Barbed Wire Fencing: What You Need to Know


Barbed wire fencing is common throughout Canada, but there are different types of barbed wire fencing, and different applications for this versatile fencing product.

In some cases, barbed wire fencing is little more than a means of delineating property lines and containing livestock, while it others, it serves as an additional security deterrant. Here's what you need to know about barbed wire.

How Is Barbed Wire Made?

Barbed wire is manufactured on a special machine that twists wires together (in the case of double stranded barbed wires), and automatically cuts and twists more wire around these core wires to create the barbs.

The barbs are uniformly spaced, usually around 5 or inches apart, and different grades and gauges of wire can be used for core wires and barbs. Rite-Way Fencing manufactures several kinds of barbed wire in our Calgary plant, which means we can offer great deals and speedy manufacturing to our customers.

Barbed Wire In Agriculture

Barbed wire fences for agriculture have been a popular choice to control the movement of domestic livestock for a very long time. Fixed to wooden posts using barbed staples (which we also manufacture in our Calgary location), it's a quick, easy, cost effective fence option that really works.

Barbed Wire for Security

Barbed wire can also be used as a security measure on various other fence types. Most fences can be installed with an overhang or extension bracket, sometimes called a barb arm, and sometimes integrated into the fence structure.

Barbed wire can be affixed to this extension, either on it's own or along with razor coils (where permitted), to provide additional fence top security, particularly in commercial and industrial settings.

Other Uses for Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a lot more versatile than we give it credit for, and in many parts of the world, it's used in high security applications like taut wire fencing, which creates an alarm signal when disturbed, and is part of an integrated perimeter security system. While we don't usually do taut wire in Canada because of our weather, this is just one example of barbed wire being used in high security applications.

If you want to know more about the barbed wire we produce in Canada, or order a roll (or a pallet!), get in touch with your local branch, and let's talk.

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