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When most people think of fencing, they think about a typical fence on a large open piece of ground, set in concrete. Pretty standard stuff.

But when you've been in the fence business as long as we have, you start to see some interesting things. Fortunately, as a fence manufacturer as well as a fence contractor, we can make a fence that fits nearly anywhere!

Why Install Fencing in a Stairwell?

Our customers install chain link fencing to secure a variety of spaces. Sometimes, that's outside, but we do a lot of fencing inside buildings too. Usually, it's just bolted to a level concrete surface,but every once in a while, someone needs something a little different.

In this case, they needed to secure a stairwell, but still allow emergency exit. So we installed a commercial grade chain link fence with a custom built panic gate.

This ensured that people who weren't supposed to access that part of the stairwell from outside couldn't, but that people who were on those levels could still get out of they needed to. This is, of course, a fire code requirement.

How Do We Do Stairwell Fencing?

Complicated fencing projects like this type of stairwell fencing usually start with a site visit.

One of our highly skilled and very knowledgeable estimators will visit the site and take careful measurements. They usually take pictures and make sketches of the are that need to be fenced.

Those measurements, drawings and photos are used to create a detailed estimate for the project, and to design the various components that will be needed for the job. They'll take into account things like baseplates that need to be offset, and the area available for gate swing.

If you choose to go ahead with the project, that information will also be used to manufacture the various parts and pieces needed to secure the area. It's a little more complicated than a fence around your lot, but with a fully equipped welding shop, it's something we do fairly frequently.

Shop Drawings and Specifications

Rite-Way Fencing is a little different to most fence companies that you've probably worked with, in that we can provide you with detailed specifications and shop drawings if you need them. We work with a lot of commercial, industrial and institutional clients, and we're used to generating documentation like this for their projects.

Stairwell Fence in Calgary

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