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Custom Cages at Coast Apartments in Canmore

When most people think of privacy slats, they tend to think of their back yard. It's true that privacy slats are a great way to make a back yard chain link fence more privacy friendly, but there are other uses for chain link privacy slats too. In this case, we used them to give residents of this apartment complex storage cages that kept their posessions out of public view.


The Coast Hotel and Conference Centre is a well known landmark in Canmore, but in 2016, the owner of the hotel first started the application process for a new 90 unit apartment development. As these things tend to do, it took a while for the proposed development to make it's way through the system, and for construction to be completed.

Which meant that Rite-Way Fencing was only hired to do the storage cages in the parking area relatively recently.

These cages are neatly tucked in front of the parking bays in the garage area of the building.


Most residents of apartment buildings have stuff that just won't fit in their unit. Sometimes it's their spare set of tires. Sometimes it's tools. Whatever it is, it needs somewhere to go.

Many apartment building managers and owners construct cages or storage lockers to keep these items in. Each resident gets an assigned storage area, which is lockable and keeps their stuff securely out of sight, but still easy to access.

These kinds of lockers are usually constructed of galvanized chain link fencing, with pre welded baseplates.

In order to ensure security, cages are usually taken as close to the roof or ceiling as possible, but in this case, we had to work around pipes and ducting.

Sometimes, chain link storage lockers are just ordinary chain link, but this time, we added white privacy slats to the fence, which added an element of privacy (and hides unsightly storage areas) to the fence.

Get Storage Lockers

The nice thing about using chain link fence for interior fences like storage lockers is that they are infinitely flexible. Posts can be installed wherever they need to be installed, fence heights can vary as necessary, and there are many different hardware options. Gates can also be manufactured to suit the sizes that are required.

If you are looking for a storage locker solution for your apartment building, our commercial estimators can help. A drawing of the area and lockers you need and a visit to the site is all it takes to provide you with a quote, and if you go ahead, we can make the materials to fit the space precisely.

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