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Custom Fencing for Equipment in the 5th Street Underpass

Recently, the City of Calgary undertook the redevelopment of the 5th Street underpass, between Beltline and the Downtown core.

This important connector is used by over 2.5 million pedestrians and cyclists every year, which makes it a critical part of the Downtown transportation system. Here's how Rite-Way Fencing contributed to this project.

The Project

The City’s upgrade objectives for the 5th Street underpass included improving the way the space is used by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, upgrading safety within the underpass, and improving lighting, among other things.

As part of the project, the City has undertaken to redesign the underpass median, reducing wasted space on the roadway, and providing the opportunity to increase space on the walkways that service foot and bicycle traffic.

The sidewalks also needed repair, and the space needed to be upgraded to serve current and future developments in the area.

The Fencing

Some of the upgrade process included the need to secure important equipment near the underpass.

Due to the nature and location of the underpass, visibility of this equipment is limited, which invites vandalism. This, in turn, means the City has to undertake expensive cleanup and repair operations.

Instead of these regular repairs, the City decided to secure the equipment with a heavy duty, high security fence system, and ClearVu by Cochrane was chosen for the job.

ClearVu panels are a 358 type high security welded mesh panel, which means they have very small mesh apertures. This makes the panel almost impossible to cut with any hand held tools, and virtually impossible to climb.

Heavy duty steel posts were modified to allow side mounting on the existing concrete wall below the equipment, and a custom gate covered with ClearVu panels completed the install.

Unlike some high security fence systems, ClearVu panels are designed to be elegant and still provide maximum visibility, while creating an effective barrier.

Custom High Security Fence Systems

Most Rite-Way Fencing branches throughout Canada have the capability to design, manufacture and install high security fence systems for nearly every application. Whether it’s under a bridge in downtown Calgary, at an airport, a military installation or even a prison, our team can work with you to create the high security fencing you need.

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