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Custom Handrails for Leons

Handrails are more than just functional. Wherever you have stairs or any kind of drop off (especially in public spaces) you're legally required to provide some kind of protection against accidental falls.

Fortunately, handrails can be as much style as they are substance.Here's what we did for a local Leons store.

The Problem

A short set of stairs needed handrails to keep users safe, but since they were in a very visible location, they also had to look great.

As with any staircase, most "off the shelf" products weren't going to work.

The Solution

Fortunately, Rite-Way Fencing has both a welding shop and a powder coating facility.

So we measured the exact dimensions of the stairs, including the length and gradient, and carefully designed the handrails to suit.

Our welders drew up the design, we purchased the right kind of tubing for the job, and it was welded up to fit the stairs exactly.

Powder coating ensured that the steel will be corrosion resistant for many years to come, and pre welded base plates made installation on the concrete stairs with wedge anchors quick, easy and neat.

Custom Handrail 1How We Can Help You

If you need handrails or fencing that must fit a unique shape or a very specific set of stairs, we can help.

Because we manufacture most of our own fencing materials, we are uniquely able to manufacture nearly anything you need, for nearly any application you can think of.

So if you're stuck with a complicated problem, contact your Rite-Way Fencing representative, and let them help to design the perfect solution.

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