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Fencing Showcase: Multi Sport Fencing in the Okanagan

There are many types of fencing out there. Privacy fencing. Security fencing. Decorative fencing. Some fencing is functional too, and sports fences are a good example of that type.

Hockey fences, tennis court fencing, pickle ball fencing. They should all look good, but they also have a very important job to do.

In many cases, sports facility fencing is designed to protect the public and property. Tennis balls, hockey pucks, golf balls and soccer balls can all be moving very quickly, and if it weren’t for the protective fencing around these facilities, injuries or damage could easily result. There's a certain amount of legal liability when things like that happen, so it's always a good idea to make sure you have a fence, and it's in good shape!

What Types of Sports Fences Are There?

Nearly every type of sport has some sort of fencing required. Tennis and pickleball courts have high fences around them, while hockey rinks often have fencing mounted on top of the boards. Driving ranges usually have extra high netting to catch stray balls, and ball diamonds have backstops as well as lower fencing around the field.

Sometimes, sports fences are designed to keep people safe – such as fences around swimming pools, that help to keep people, children and pets safe by preventing unauthorized or unsupervised access.

Many of these fences have very different specifications, and there are often more than one option for each type of fence, but they are all very important parts of sports facility infrastructure.

Our Okanagan Sports Fence Project

Like many facilities, our recently completed Okanagan multi sport fence project included several different courts and amenities. We fenced a tennis court, a pickleball court, and a combination hockey / basketball court.

The fences were all galvanized and PVC and powder coated black, to provide superior aesthetic appeal as well as added corrosion resistance. All of the fences were built to meet local government specifications, and we finished all of the courts on time and within budget. Not only did we have a happy client, but we gave the community a new and great looking outdoor sports facility to enjoy!

Multi Sport Fencing

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Things You Should Consider When Choosing Sports Fencing

Sports fences are a little different to typical fence projects. The basics are the same, but there are other things to consider.

One of those is wire gauge. In some cases, like baseball fencing, you need to use a heavier gauge material, simply because the weight and velocity of the ball when pitched would quickly have a marked impact on lower gauge options.

Then there’s the choice between roll mesh products like chain link and the various panel type fences out there. Roll mesh products are usually cheaper, but welded mesh panel systems might offer superior aesthetic appeal.

Coatings are another important factor. Sometimes, good old galvanizing will get the job done, but in many cases, an additional “duplex” coating like PVC or powder coating improves the appearance and durability of the fence.

Let’s Talk

Rite-Way Fencing has branches throughout Canada, in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and we’re always happy to help with advice, pricing and more. So if you need fencing for a sports facility, or something else, let’s talk about your project, and work out the right solution for you.

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