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Rooftop Fencing in Calgary

Rooftop fencing isn't the most common request in the fence world, but when you've been in the fence business as long as Rite-Way Fencing, you've seen it all! We recently completed a rooftop fencing project in Calgary.

Like most fence projects, this one was unique and interesting, and we delivered a finished product that made this downtown Calgary rooftop safe and secure.

Our welding shop created custom baseplate solutions that allowed our crew to install this fence on an existing wooden walkway and stair structure, and the galvanized chain link fence is durable, will last for many years to come, and does little to impede the views of the Alberta sky and the city skyline.

The professional commercial fence crew that installed this fence paid close attention to aesthetics, since this project was about securing a public area, and we knew that the client needed a fence that would get the job done well, but also look great doing it. 

Fortunately, as a fence manufacturer and a specialist fence contractor, we have the skills and in house experience to tackle projects like these in our stride.

Rooftop Fence in Calgary

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Why Put a Fence On a Roof?

There are many reasons why you might need to put a fence on a roof.

Sometimes, it's because you have a rooftop patio or garden, and you need to keep the people who use it safe. After all, roofs have some of the best views out there - who wouldn't want to spend time on them?

Sometimes, work is being done on a rooftop, and fencing is required to mitigate construction risk, and as part of a fall protection strategy. Some rooftop fences are used to enclose community gardens, or to enclose potentially hazardous areas or equipment.

Whatever the reason for the fence, there's a rooftop fence system for nearly every application.

Special Considerations for Rooftop Fencing

Every fence job is different, but when it comes to rooftop fencing like this project in Calgary, there are special considerations that need to be made.

In this case, our work area was fairly far from the edge of the roof, so the install itself was relatively standard, but because of the site location, all materials had to be craned into position for the install.

In some cases, where work is done near the edge of a roof, additional safety precautions like fall protection need to be taken. As a COR certified contractor, we also have the skills, training, plans and equipment needed to make that happen.

Roofs can also be made from various materials, with a variety of coatings for waterproofing and other purposes. All of these are taken into account when our commercial estimating team calculates a price and develops a solution. This is not the kind of fence that any company can tackle!

Rooftop Fence Types

Nearly every fence can be adapted to challenging sites and conditions, and at Rite-Way Fencing, that's a lot of what we do - and why our commercial and industrial customers trust us, project after project.

We can install chain link, vinyl, ornamental and custom fences on a rooftop, or anywhere else! So if you have a challenging fence project, and you need to talk to an expert to work out the right fence solution, get in touch. We're happy to help.

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