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How Do We Make Ball Diamond Overhangs?

If you've ever seen a baseball backstop fence, you will have seen that they have a very long extension arm that angles towards the inside of the ball diamond. These overhangs are very effective at catching and stopping stray balls, but have you ever wondered how they're made? These are not an off the shelf item. So here's how we make them.

Custom Manufacturing

You do get overhang brackets for chain link fencing that will give you a 45 degree overhang, but most only give you a foot at most. Backstops (and other types of fences) need a lot more than that. Four or five feet actually.

So the solution is not an off the shelf one, but a custom manufactured one.

We start with a piece of Schedule 40 pipe that fits inside the post, which is 12 inches long.

This is welded 2 or 2 1/2 inches inside a piece of schedule 40 pipe that is one size larger, and cut to an angle at the top.

We then add another piece of pipe of the same diameter with a corresponding angle, which is welded in place to give us the 45 degree angle we need to create the overhang, and we treat the weld with a high zinc cold galvanizing spray.

On Site Installation

The next step in the process of installing a ball diamond backstop style overhang is to take the brackets (or as we sometimes call them, "hockeysticks") to site, and slip them into the posts. They're welded in place there too, and the welds are treated. Then we cap them using dome caps, so that water can't get into the pipe and crack it during the next freeze / thaw cycle.

Because the extension brackets are made from the same kind of pipe as the fence, we can install brace bands, tension bands and other fittings on them, and because everything is welded in place, everything is safe and secure.

Where We Use These Brackets

The most common place to use this type of overhang bracket is on the ball diamond, where they are used to install backstops, but there are other applications.

They can be used to increase security, because it's VERY difficult to climb over four or five feet of chain link fence that is angled towards you at 45 degrees.

They can also be used on animal enclosures, for the same reason. They make climbing and jumping a much trickier situation!


Contact us for a drawing of this type of bracket, or, if you have any questions, feel free to contact your local Rite-Way Fencing branch. We're always happy to help with specifications, pricing and information.

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