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How to Install a Gate on a Slope

Here in Canada, we love slopes. They’re great for skiing, snowboarding and tubing. We love them when we’re hiking, and we love to live on slopes, because that means we have a great view. But there’s one time you might not love a slope: when you’re trying to figure out how to install a gate on a slope. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It Can Be Done

The first thing you need to know is that a sloped site doesn’t mean you can’t have a gate. It just means things will be a little trickier from a design and layout perspective. We can and do install gates on sloped sites all the time.

2. Can You Change the Position of the Gate?

It’s a lot easier (and therefore cheaper) to install a gate across a slope, rather than along it. So if you can change the position of the gate, that should be your first choice. But don’t worry if you can’t – there are still some options.

3. Custom Gate Frames for Slopes

If you can install a single swing gate, and it can swing from the correct post, we can make a gate that is sloped to match the slope it is being installed on. The gate will have to be shorter on the latch post side and longer on the swing post side for this to work, but it’s one of the simpler options.

If you plan to have a custom single swing gate designed for installation on a slope, you will need to have one of our estimators come to site to take exact measurements.

4. Add a Bump

If your gradient isn’t too steep and the surface allows it, you could build a small “bump” on the surface below the gate to close the gap. This might require some specialist assistance though, so it could be a costlier solution

5. Add a Drop Down Panel

Another option that you might consider as a solution to the problem of how to install a gate on a slope is to have one designed that has a drop down panel. These include latches so you can lock them in place when you are opening them, and when you drop them back in place when the gate is closed. This is ideal for gates where you need to stay close to the ground, and can even be installed on rolling or cantilever gates.

6. Tilt Gates

If you can’t install a gate that can swing or slide, you always have the option to install a tilt gate.

As the name suggests, these gates pivot upwards rather than swinging or sliding, and they can be manual or automated, depending on what you need.

Contact Our Team

When you need custom gates, whether it’s to solve the problem of how to install a gate on a slope or for another reason, Rite-Way Fencing can help. Most of our branches have in house welding facilities, so we can create custom gate solutions for nearly every problem. Those that don’t send their specifications to our Calgary head office, and we ship them out on our semi when they’re done.

So no matter what your site looks like, and what your gate challenges are, contact the Rite-Way Fencing branch closest to you, and lets find a solution.

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