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Multi Purpose Parkade Stairwells

Space is at a premium in most modern buildings. Every corner needs to be used efficiently, and the space under stairwells is no different. Custom interior fence solutions can help to transform previously wasted space into usable, secure storage areas.

The Problem

Our client had two problems.

First, like most people these days, they needed more storage in their building.

But, a secondary problem was that in the winter, vagrants from outside of the property were finding their way into the parking garage and spending the night under the stairs.

This presented a security problem for the owner of the building and their tenants.

The Solution

Rite-Way Fencing visited the site to take careful measurements, and then we manufactured custom components to fit the space. Parkade Stairwells 1

The final customization of the galvanized chain link fence and access gates was done on site to ensure that everything fit the space perfectly, and with lockable gates and steel mesh in place, the stairwell areas were now well secured and ready to be used.

A Fence for Every Space

When you've got an oddly shaped space, you might think that you can't find a fence solution that will work.

However, when you're working with a company that not only installs fencing but has a fully stocked manufacturing shop, welding shop and powder coating line, there's no limit on what can be done.

So if you need a fence that just can't be bought off the shelf, don't hesitate to contact us! We're always happy to make a fence that works for you.

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