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New Fencing for Nosehill Park

Nosehill Park is one of the most famous places in Calgary. It's 11 square kilometers of native fescue, and as we all saw when Chris Hadfield took a photo of the park from the international space station, it's visible from space! So of course, when the opportunity to provide fencing services for this very special piece of Canada came up, Rite-Way Fencing jumped at the chance.

The Project

Nosehill Park and the main roads that lead to it have undergone some upgrades this summer. The road was widened at the John Laurie entrance, access was improved and there are some new traffic measures coming to make it easier for Calgarians to access the park.

Part of the project included new handrails, post and rail fence and cable railing, and the Rite-Way Fencing team completed all of them for the contractors undertaking road works and improvements.


Working in a protected natural space like Nosehill Park requires special attention to environmental issues, which our team handled with care.

The park was also in use during the installation, so we had to work around the public (and their dogs!), as well as the animals that call the park home. Again though, by adhering carefully to our environmental and public work policies, we completed the job without incident.

In fact, the work was delivered on time and within budget.

Fencing Public Spaces

Rite-Way Fencing does a lot of fencing for public spaces throughout Canada. Sometimes, fences are designed to limit access or to provide security, but in spaces like Nosehill Park, the fence is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the place.

Post and rail and wooden railings like the ones we built in Nosehill Park are designed to block as little of the view as possible, and use natural materials that work well in the space. The cable railing that we installed on the road, on the other hand (not shown in the slideshow) is made from high quality steel that is designed to keep vehicles safe on the road, and extensively tested for that purpose.

This project only highlights again that choosing the right fence for any project enhances and complements the space.

If you have a public space, park or something else that needs to be fenced, contact your local Rite-Way Fencing branch, and let's talk about what you need. There's a perfect fence for every project, and our estimators can help you to find it!

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