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Noise Attentuation Fencing for Rocky Mountain Motor Sports

Usually, fencing is put up to keep people or animals in or out. But sometimes, it has a different purpose.

Noise attenuation fencing is one of the types of different fence that we don't do very often. However, we recently completed a large project for the Rocky Mountain Motor Sports raceway just north of Calgary.

What Is Noise Attenuation Fencing?

Noise attenuation fencing is a type of fence that's usually installed around or along places that there is a lot of noise. Highways are one common site for noise attenuation fencing, as are facilities like race tracks.

This type of fence is often wood or concrete, and is usually a solid style and design. Sometimes, the fence itself is constructed as a "box" structure, with an air gap between the two sides. Usually, it's also fairly tall - usually between 6 and 8 feet or more.

The idea behind noise attenuation fence is that sound travels in waves, and when you put something solid (like a fence) in the way of those sound waves, you can break them up and lower the noise for surrounding areas and residents.

What We Did

Race tracks are, by their nature very noisy facilities in the spring, summer and fall. Whether it's a track day or an actual race, lots of speeding cars and the smell of gasoline in the air is fun for participants and spectators, but not so fun for people who don't want to hear the noise!

Rite-Way Fencing was hired to install 500 meters of 6 foot high wood noise attenuation fence along a ridge near the track.

Changes in elevation and direction were a challenge on this project, but our crews managed to install a great looking fence nonetheless. Which means, when the track hosts it's next races, the noise will be dampened, and nearby residents will still get to enjoy peace and quiet while the race fans enjoy the track!

Any Fence You Need

Usually, Rite-Way Fencing doesn't do residential wood fences. However, occasionally, we do large commercial wood fence projects like this one.

We do a wide variety of other out of the ordinary fence projects too. So whatever you need, whether it's a noise attenuation fence in Calgary, high security fencing in Ontario or a substation fence in nothern British Columbia, we're ready to help. Contact our estimators at your nearest branch to discuss your needs, to get advice and to get a quote on your project. We're always happy to help.

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