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Protecting Calgary's Pedestrians with Security Fencing

Usually, when you talk about security fencing, you're talking about a fence that protects private property. But sometimes, the fence is designed to protect people instead. That was the case when we installed a high security fence at the Glenmore Interchange recently.

The Problem

The problem at the Glenmore Interchange is that some people who were coming off the bridge over Glenmore were taking a chance, and attempting to cross Crowchild Trail. Of course, when you have pedestrians on a busy highway, that's very dangerous for everyone.

A solution was needed to keep those people from trying to cross, and a regular chain link fence wasn't going to be enough.

The Solution

The client and their engineering team decided to install 1.8m (6') high Cochrane's ClearVu fencing along the road.

This fence system is hard to climb, can't be cut with ordinary hand tools, but still offers clear sight lines. It is a rigid panel fence that can't be lifted to scramble under either, which is another common way to get through a fabric type fence.

This fence was installed along the road next to the pedestrian bridge, to discourage and prevent pedestrian access.

What We Did

As the successful bidder for this project, our commercial fence crew had to carefully install the ClearVu fence posts in exactly the right position and to the correct height. Panel fences are much less forgiving than mesh and wire products, so post placement is extra important.

Next, they installed the ClearVu panels carefully, ensuring that the panels were all plumb and square, and where necessary, stepping the fence to accomodate slopes.

It's a very complex installation process, best left to professional fence installers. Luckily, Rite-Way Fencing has highly skilled commercial installers at all of our branches, and the Calgary crew that tackled this job did it perfectly.

If you're looking for a high security welded mesh panel fence in Calgary or elsewhere, we're happy to help. Contact your Rite-Way Fencing representative, and discuss your needs.

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