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Protecting Foothills Hospital's Oxygen Supply

Oxygen has always been important to hospitals, but lately, we've all become accutely aware that it's even more precious than we thought. So when Foothills Hospital was doing some upgrades, securing the hospital's oxygen supply was a definite priority.

The Problem

Oxygen is highly flammable, so storing it inside buildings in large quantities is not a good idea. But, the equipment and tanks that store oxygen are also precision equipment that has to be protected. Not to mention that it's critical to keep the public out of the area it's stored in - for their own safety. This is also the oxygen supply for the whole hospital, so it was critical that it be properly secured.

Not only would an ordinary fence not provide the level of security needed, but since it would also be installed in a highly visible area, hospital management wanted a fence that would look good for many years to come.

The area that the oxygen is kept in is surrounded by a concrete beam and wall, and there's some large rock hardscaping nearby. So installing the fence in concrete wasn't going to be an option.

The Solution

The solution Rite-Way Fencing in Calgary came up with for the hospital was an elegant and secure Ameristar ornamental fence. Installed with baseplates and wedge anchors onto the wall surrounding the oxygen tanks and equipment, no drilling for concrete footings was required.

Various fence heights were installed to accomodate the different levels of the site, and a lockable man gate was added to allow authorized personnel to access the area.

The resulting fence is elegant and sleek, looks great, and offers enough security to keep passersby out of this very important area of the hospital property.

The Right Fence for the Job

Choosing the right fence for every job makes a big difference for security and design. Often, an architect or main contractor has already chosen a fence for the fence projects we do, but we're also happy to help with designs and options.

There's a fence for every budget, security need and aesthetic preference, and Rite-Way Fencing branches around the country manufacture, supply and install all of them. So give us a call, and let's find the right fence for your project.

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