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Protecting Vehicles from Golfballs in West Kelowna

Having a hotel right next to a golf course is great! Guests can spend the day practicing their swing without having to drive to the course. But, while the Marriot Hotel in West Kelowna loved being able to give their guests easy access to the golf course, the balls were a risk for cars in their parking lot.

The Problem

Everybody knows that when you whack a golf ball, you don't have complete control over where it goes. Sometimes, it goes where you least expect it.

That was the concern for the parking area of the Marriot Hotel in West Kelowna. So, contractor IMC Construction of Red Deer had to find a solution that would protect the cars, but not block those famous Kelowna views!

The Solution

Rite-Way Fencing solved the Marriot's problem by installing a custom 18' high section of black chain link fence around the parking area, as part of a larger 1100' perimeter fence project.

The fence was powder and PVC coated black chain link, but because of the size of golf balls, instead of the standard 2" mesh we would normally use, we wove and installed a 1 1/2" alternative. Smaller holes mean that even when balls go astray, the cars in the parking lot are safe.

The Install

Of course, installing an 18' high fence is challenging on the best day, so we assigned our best installers to the job. A reach bucket let them get to the very top of the fence, and since the hotel is open and operational, we had to do this while working around hotel guests and operations.

Along with the extra high catch fence section, we also installed matching fence in 4 and 6' high where required.

While this wasn't the easiest fence install we've ever done, it was completed on time and within budget, and most importantly, it's getting the job done!

Sports Fences from Rite-Way Fencing

All of Rite-Way Fencing's 13 branches offer a variety of sports fence solutions. From tennis courts to pickleball and more. We can supply and install chain link fence, mesh panel fences and custom solutions for any type of sports facility.

So if you need a fence around your sports facilities (or to keep balls away from cars!), contact your local Rite-Way branch and let's work out a solution for you.

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