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Rite-Way Fencing First to Install New ClearVu Product

When you've been in the fence business as long as we have, you start to think that you've done it all. But the fence industry is always evolving, and from time to time, we get the opportunity to install a brand new product.

That was exactly the case when we recently installed the brand new ClearVu44 fence system by Cochrane. Here's what we did.

What It Is

The ClearVu44 fence system is a brand new ultra high security mesh panel system that replaces the usual vertical wires with 4" flat bar. This makes the panels extra rigid and extra heavy duty.

It also makes them just plain heavy. Each panel weighs approximately 240lbs, which makes the fence itself a formiddable barrier to most vehicles, and with posts spaced at 11' centers, it takes a highly skilled and very well equipped fence crew to install them properly.

The Rite-Way Fencing crew that completed this install is exactly that, and as you can see, the project was a huge sucess.

As an added security measure, tangle coil (a type of razor coil) was installed along the bottom edge of the fence, making digging under the fence almost impossible.

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Where We Did It

High security fence is becoming a lot more common in big cities, and especially on infrastructure projects like transit properties and similar. This case was no different. This project was completed for Metrolinx in Guelph, Ontario, and was used to secure important assets.

High security fences like this are great for perimeter fences for sites that require high security, and have long perimeters that aren't regularly patrolled. Their design serves the dual purpose of deterring uninvited visitors, and making it very difficult for them to enter even if they want to. In fact, it's almost impossible to quickly get through a fence like this with any kind of hand tool - so anyone planning an unscheduled visit would make a lot of noise and be very visible.

How to Get a ClearVu44 Fence

If you're looking for a high security fence system, you can contact any one of our branches, and request a quote. We're always happy to offer alternative quotes for a variety of products, including this one, so you can make an informed choice.

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