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Securing New Buildings in Starland County

Usually, when we install commercial security fencing for our customers, it's in a city or town. In most cases, that's where enhanced security is required. However, from time to time one of our branches installs commercial chain link security fence in a rural setting, and that's exactly what happened when Rite-Way Fencing in Red Deer fenced a new building for Starland County in Alberta.

The Customer's Requirements

Starland County in Central Alberta built a new facility in the town of Morrin, Alberta. There are only a little over 200 residents in the town, but when you're building a government facility, you still need to make sure it's safe and secure. So they contacted our Red Deer team for a quote.

The Solution

Most of the perimeter security fence installed for Starland County was galvanized commercial chain link with barbed wire on a straight extension above. But we also installed cantilever gates and a white PVC vinyl fence where additional privacy was required.

Even though the site was an hour and a half away from our Red Deer branch (one way) our commercial installation crew did a great job of delivering the project on time, in budget and to specification, and it's going to give the County many years of trouble free service.

Urban and Rural Fence Installation

One of the many reasons our customers like working with Rite-Way Fencing is that with 13 branches in four provinces, we've got most of western Canada and southern Ontario covered. Our crews work on sites in major cities, but we also work on jobs that are a little further afield. So if you need a substation fenced in northern BC, or oilfield fencing in Fort McMurray, we've got a branch nearby who can help to give you the fence you need.

If you've got an out of the way site you need fenced, contact your local Rite-Way Fencing team, and lets see if we can get your property safely secured.

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