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Securing the Elevator Pit at the Dorian Hotel

There are lots of reasons why people might need security fencing, but it's rare that we get a request that takes us into an elevator pit. However, that's exactly what happened in the under construction Dorian Hotel. Here's what they needed, and how Rite-Way Fencing delivered a security fencing solution.

The Problem

There was actually more than one problem that needed to be solved in the elevator pit of the new Dorian Hotel in downtown Calgary.

First, they needed fall protection for maintenance staff who might be working in the area, to protect them from a very dangerous 12 meter drop into the equipment pit.

Second, they needed a barrier that would prevent debris from accidentally falling into the equipment area, potentially causing equipment breakdown and failure.

The Challenge

There were several challenges that we had to overcome when we installed this fence.

One was that our crew themselves had to be protected from the fall, which we achieved thanks to our robust fall protection program, and the other was that we were working in an elevator pit. Fortunately, this work was scheduled to be completed before the elevators themselves were installed, allowing easy access and keeping our crew safe.

The Security Fence

The solution to the Dorian's elevator pit fence came in the form of a custom base plated chain link fence. Instead of the traditional 2" aperture, we used 1" aperture mesh, which will prevent any objects that might damage the elevator equipment from falling into the space. The fence was anchored to the existing concrete surface, and will solve all of the elevator pit problems the hotel had.


If you have a strange space that needs a fence to solve a particular problem, contact us. While we certainly do a lot of more standard fence, we're always happy to tackle a challenge like this, and our estimators can develop a fence solution to nearly any problem.

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