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Security Cages for Every Application

When you think of fencing, you probably think of long lines of security fence outside. Or an ornamental fence keeping your pool or property safe. But security fence has a lot more uses than that, and some of those are inside your home or business.

Storage cages, propane storage cages, metal storage cages. Call them what you will, they can be installed nearly anywhere, and be used to protect nearly anything. We’ve even installed them hanging from the roof!

What Are Chain Link Storage Cages?

Chain link storage cages are a special type of indoor fencing that is used to protect specific things. Sometimes it’s a machine, like an air conditioner or something on a factory floor. Other times, they’re used inside warehouses or basement storage areas to create a lockable area for high value items.

Whatever the application, these are custom fences that are often assembled and adjusted on site, to offer maximum protection. The top of these fences usually hugs the ceiling of the space, to make access by climbing difficult.

There may be openings for cables or ducting that are already in the space.

These types of storage cages also usually have enhanced locking mechanisms, which might include things like panic hardware for emergency egress, or maglocks to integrate with a security system.

Why Security Cages Make Sense

The obvious reason to install chain link cages in any space is for secure storage. This could be for your own stuff, or for tenants in a commercial or residential building. But there are several other reasons why you might want to install this kind of fencing:

  • Around fuel or propane storage areas, to prevent unauthorized access
  • To secure heating or cooling equipment that is accessible to the public
  • To secure machines or equipment in commercial buildings and factories
  • To limit access to dangerous areas of a building
  • To store high value items in a warehouse

These kinds of cages can be installed virtually anywhere and are a relatively quick and cost-effective type of fence. There are a variety of gate options available, and they can be made to fit a custom opening. So, if you need access for equipment like forklifts as well as people, that’s easy to accommodate.

How to Get Custom Storage Cages or Lockers

Because most storage cages or lockers are built around the things or spaces they are required to protect, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. While most of the materials and hardware will be readily available in our yard and warehouse, we nearly always need to do a site visit to take proper measurements.

We’ll take not only the shape and size of the fence into account, but also existing building features, cabling and ducting that we need to work around. We’ll do a detailed takeoff, and design gates to work for the space and the use requirements.

Then we’ll make the fence components, including gates, panels and base plated posts as needed.

When the Rite-Way fence crew comes to your site to install your fence, they’ll bring tools like grinders, drills, and saws along. That’s because even with the most careful measurements, there’s always the chance something will need to be adjusted. We usually bring extra hardware along too just in case we have to adjust something in the field.

Because storage cages and similar indoor fencing is carefully planned and designed ahead of time, they’re usually quick to install. So, once we get on site, you can have the area secured and ready to use in a very short amount of time.

So, if you have something you need to protect, contact your local Rite-Way Fencing branch. We’re always happy to provide advice and visit your site to measure your custom fence project.

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