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Security Upgrade: A Chain Link Retrofit

Chain link is still, hands down, the most popular fence type in Canada. It's relatively secure, it's relatively cost effective, and it is very easy to get. However, every once in a while, there is a place where a chain link fence just doesn't get the job done. That was the case for our Calgary client, who had a loading dock problem that chain link just couldn't solve. This is how we helped.

The Problem

The problem for our client was that even though they had chain link fencing and gates that worked elsewhere, their loading dock area was hidden from view, making it the perfect target for vagrants, looking for a place to spend the night (with everything that comes with that!)

The chain link that was in place was being cut frequently, which meant not only was it not keeping the night time visitors out, but was also costing them for repairs very frequently. A more permanent solution was required.

The Solution

The solution that Rite-Way Fencing installed for our customers was a smart retrofit.

Instead of replacing the chain link fabric with more of the same, we installed extra mid and bottom rails, and clad that section of chain link fence with ClearVu anti climb, anti cut panels by Cochrane.

The gates were given the same treatment, by attaching panels to standard tubular chain lnk gates.

Why Welded Mesh Panels Work

Chain link is a good security option for fence lines that are highly visible and are regularly inspected for holes and breaches, but in hidden away areas, they can be easier to get through (depending on the mesh aperture size.)

Unlike chain link, which can be "unwoven" easily to make a large hole quickly, breaching a welded mesh panel requires you to cut through individual wires. This takes longer, and since the goal of a security fence is to slow down would be breaches, that makes it a higher security option.

Panels like the ClearVu system also have very small apertures, which makes it very hard to get a hand tool into the space between wires, and limits the leverage you have to cut it. All of this increases the time it takes to get through the panel, and proportionately, the security the fence offers.


If you are looking for higher security fence options, you're in the right place. Rite-Way Fencing offers a broad range of security fence options, including several "out of the box" options that you might not get elsewhere. Contact us. Let's talk about your security fencing needs.

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