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Tan Vinyl Creates Perfectly Private Backyards in Kelowna

When you want to fence your backyard, you probably want something that adds privacy. But when you're looking for a privacy fence in a place like Kelowna, where the weather is a little wetter, wood fence presents a few problems. Vinyl fence might just be the solution.

The Problem

Our client needed a new backyard fence. They wanted something that would offer full privacy, and turn the space into the sanctuary it should be.

But they also didn't want the hassle of caring for a wood fence. Wood fence absorbs water from the air and the ground, and even treated fence will eventually rot or discolour because of that.

Painting or staining wood fences can help them to last longer and look better, but that means you have to repaint every year or two. Which adds a lot to the lifetime cost of the fence.

The Solution

Rite-Way Fencing supplies and installs a range of high quality, North American made vinyl fence products - including full privacy fence.

These fence systems are available in solid colours, like the tan installed here, but also in wood grain options (subject to availability.) Vinyl fence can also be installed on moderate slopes, and because we rout all the fence posts ourselves, we can manufacture fencing to your exact layout.

Vinyl fence never rots, it doesn't discolour or fade over time, and you never have to repaint it. It also comes in a huge variety of design options, with matching gates, so it's the perfect backyard fence system.

The Rite-Way Fencing Kelowna team completed the install for the client on time and within budget, delivering a maintenance free fence that will give them a perfectly private backyard for many years to come.

Most Rite-Way Fencing branches supply and install vinyl fence systems, with a few exceptions. If you're interested in this kind of privacy fence for your backyard, contact your local branch, or send us a message on this site. We're happy to help with advice and pricing!

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