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What Does It Mean to be a COR Certified Fence Contractor


Most commercial and industrial consruction companies in Western Canada know what it means to be a COR certified fence contractor, but there are still some people who don't understand what makes a fence company that has COR so different.

Safety Focus

The first difference, when dealing with a COR certified fence contractor, is that the whole organization will be safety focused. COR demands that processes be put in place, and management protocols be followed, but also that workers at every level of the organization be trained and educated in proper safety practices. Everyone is equipped with the correct PPE, knows how to use it, and is motivated to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.


Being a COR certified fence contractor also means that Rite-Way Fencing maintains meticulous documentation, of our processes and procedures, of our preventative and mitigation measures, and of any incidents and accidents (which we are dedicated to avoiding in everything we do.)

In House Safety Staffing

As a COR certified fence contractor, we have several health and safety staff on our team. Some, like our health and safety co-ordinator, is solely focused on health and safety issues. Others, like the safety representatives we have in each branch, is part of our employee safety network. We have trained first aiders on every crew and in every office, and all our crews have the safety and related training and tickets they need for the type of work they do.

Auditing Process

Part of the COR certiifcation process, and the commitment required to retain it, requires Rite-Way Fencing branches that are COR certified to undergo regular third party audits. We also maintain our health and safety plan as a living document, which we amend and add to as legislation changes, and to improve our internal response to safety issues.

Other Certifications

Rite-Way Fencing has a variety of other health and safety certifications in addition to COR, that also enhance our eligbility to work on any site, anywhere.

We're on ISNetworld, Avetta (Formerly PICS) and Complyworks, and are fully compliant with local and Federal safety laws in every province we operate in.

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