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What Is a Non-Scalable Fence Anyway?

In the fence industry, it’s common to be asked about non scalable fence. Many clients want non scalable fence for their industrial, military or corrections projects. But the truth is, non-scalable fence is not, in itself a specification. Rather, it’s a blanket term for a group of possible fence specifications. So, let’s get to the bottom of the question ‘what is non scalable fence anyway.’

It’s All About Function

When someone asks for an anti-climb fence or a non-scale fence system, they’re not asking for a specification, they’re asking for specific functionality.

There are many kinds of fences that have very specific functions.

Some, like high security welded mesh panels, are hard to climb, but also hard to cut.

Others, like a fence we did at Calgary airport, are made from materials that won’t show up on radar.

Still more are nonconductive, or corrosion resistant.

All of these fence types are designed to serve a specific purpose, so while the materials used do matter, they’re not central to the design.

You could have a non-scalable chain link fence, if you used mini mesh and included a large overhang that faced the attach side.

Ornamental fence or palisade fence could be non-scalable if the distance between the horizontal components were such that you could not use them as a ladder.

Many kinds of welded wire mesh panels fences are non-scalable. Particularly when they’re installed on curved fence posts like they do with bowed fence systems in many parts of the world.

It’s not the material used that makes the fence an anti-climb system. It’s the way the fence is designed that makes it hard to climb.

Why Would You Want a Non-Scalable Fence?

Most sites, even commercial properties, don’t need heavy duty anti climb fence systems. A good quality fence, cameras and an alarm system are enough to deter and detect any intruders.

Which is why most of the requests we see for anti-climb fence systems are for extra high security sites. Military bases, prisons and other correctional facilities and key industrial infrastructure are all good places to install a climb resistant fence.

These fences are designed to serve as a much stronger deterrent, and if that doesn’t work, to make it difficult to climb over the fence. To be clear, given enough time and the right equipment, every fence can be climbed. But by the time someone achieved that, your security team would probably be aware of the attempt.

How Much Does Anti Climb Fencing Cost?

As you would imagine with fencing, the more complex it is, the higher it is, and the more material per square foot of fence you have, the higher the cost. Since anti climb fencing has all of those things, it’s generally not a cheap fence.

The cost for your anti climb fence will vary based on the site, the final specification, and a variety of other factors, but it will always require a quote, and usually a site inspection.

How Long Does Anti Climb Fencing Take to Install?

Non scalable fencing, regardless of the specification you eventually choose, is a lot more complex than the kind of fencing you can buy off the shelf.

Depending on the system you choose, and whether you want welded mesh panels, palisade, ornamental or something else, materials will probably have to be ordered from a supplier, and it could take around 6 to 8 weeks from the date they are ordered for them to arrive.

Installing non scalable fence is also a lot more complicated, so it takes a lot longer than your average fence. If the fence is very high (which is likely) there will also be additional health and safety protocols for working at elevation, and additional equipment on site. Which means we’ll have to take extra time developing a health and safety plan for the site and preparing to mobilize.

Once on site, many anti climbs fence systems have to be set out very carefully. Panel type fences are not as forgiving as rolled mesh fences, and every post has to be precisely placed.

So, on average, you can expect an anti-climb fence project to take anything from two or three times as long as a typical chain link fence and upwards. Make sure your planning factors that in.

How to Get a Non-Climb Fence Quote

If you are looking for a non-climb fence, you need to speak to a reputable fence company. These are not the kind of fence systems your average backyard fence builder can install.

All of Rite-Way Fencing’s 13 branches in four provinces can help you with non-climbable fence pricing, but we will need some information from you. You’ll probably need to provide plans for the site or project, and we’ll definitely need to do a site visit to confirm all the details.

We can assist with product data and brochures from some of the world’s best high security fence manufacturers too. So, if you’re not sure where to start, a call to your Rite-Way Fencing representative is a great first choice.

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