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Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is still the world's most popular fence. There are hundreds of thousands of feet of this type of fence installed on nearly every continent, and there is no sign it's slowing down.

As chain link fencing manufacturers, suppliers and installers, we know this fence system inside and out, so here's what you need to know about this wonderful fence system.

Available All the Time

Many types of fence that we install in Canada don't come from here. They have to be imported from the USA or other countries around the world. That takes time, which is why if you need a fence in a hurry, chain link fence is one of your best options.

Many Specification Options

Chain link fencing is one of the most versatile and variable types of fencing. It's available in galvanized, PVC coated in various colours, in a wide range of heights and with various posts and fence fabric specifications. Whether you need a residential chain link fence for your home or a high security chain link fence for a prison, we've got the right specification for you.

Durable and Hard Wearing

Because chain link fence is galvanized (and then sometimes colour coated too!) it stands up very well to the elements. Most chain link fences will still be standing, and look great, ten years or more after they are installed. This makes them a great investment!

Cost Effective

Chain link fencing is a cost effective choice, compared to many of the fence types out there. It's not only quick and easy to install, but spare parts are readily available, and because the fence system is modular, repairs and replacements are relatively easy too.

Varying Visibility

Many people like the fact that chain link fencing is completely see through. This is particular true where line of sight is important for security reasons, like prisons and airports. But, where privacy is desired, there's always the option of adding privacy slats, and making your fence up to 90% opaque.

Follows Contours

Because chain link fencing is mainly a woven wire fabric, this type of fence follows the contours of the ground very well. In fact, you have several options when it comes to instlling chain link fencing on sloped ground. You can find out more about chain link fencing and gates on our downloads page, or reach out to a Rite-Way Fencing branch near you!


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