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Why Is Welded Wire Mesh More Secure?

If you're researching high security fencing, you might have found that many of the systems out there are welded wire mesh. What you might not have discovered is why welded wire mesh is considered higher security, and what your other options are.

We've been in the high security fence business for a long time, which is why we decided to explain all of these things.

Is Welded Wire Mesh More Secure?

It's always a bad idea to make general statements when it comes to any construction product, and welded wire mesh is no different.

In some cases, welded wire mesh may be more secure than some other fence products, but a lot depends on the diameter of the wire, the size of the apertures, and the height of the mesh. Here's why that matters.

Wire diameter always matters when you are talking about fence systems that are manufactured from wire, because the thinner the wire, the easier it is to cut.

Aperture size is another important factor, because the larger the aperture, the easier it is to get tools between the wires, and the easier a fence may be to climb. Narrower apertures are simply harder to get hand and foot holds on.

Fence height is always a factor. The lower any fence is, the easier it is to climb, and that's the most common way for any fence or wall to be breached. When it comes to security fencing, higher is nearly always better.

Other Benefits of Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh may offer a few other security features that might be appealing. These include the type of cutting that is necessary. Woven fence systems might be easier to cut through, depending on the material and design. But because each wire in a welded wire mesh fence is independent, each one needs to be cut individually. This may make welded wire mesh slower to cut, and in security terms, slower is always better!

Drawbacks to Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is great for very specific security applications, but it's not without it's limitations.

Welded mesh panels are rigid, unlike woven fence systems, which may mean that it's harder and more expensive to install on sloped or stepped sites.

Welded wire mesh systems also tend to be proprietary, and many are imported, which means they often cost more to install, and spare parts can be trickier to find if the fence does get damaged.

These fences are also a lot more difficult to install, and there are limited contractors who can do so correctly (we're one of those!), but this should be considered if you are developing a bid. You only want to hire a contractor who has experience with wire mesh or panel fence systems, for better results.

Alternatives to Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh certainly has it's place in the security fence world, and we're always happy to advise our clients, price your bid and install your welded mesh fencing, but there are other options. Thicker chain link fence or so called "mini mesh" with smaller apertures are one option, as are ornamental and palisade fence systems.

If you need a high security fence, and you are considering welded wire mesh, get in touch. We're always happy to help you to find the right product for the job.

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