Swing, sliding, cantilver, rolling and panic gates. We design, supply and manufacture the highest quality gates to meet any entry, exit and site requirement.

Cantilever gates are a relatively common option for many residential, commercial and industrial fence projects in Canada.


Cantilever gates are a popular choice for commercial and industrial entrance areas, because require any room to swing, and in most cases, they're easier to automate. However, cantilever gates, as the name suggests, require a longer cantilever portion or "tail" to balance the weight of the gate and ensure smooth and trouble free operation, which may be a problem in areas where space is a premium.

We manufacture, supply and install cantilever gates to match most fence types, in single and double variations, depending on site requirements.

To find out if a cantilever gate will work for your application, or if another solution will better meet your needs, speak to one of our commercial or industrial estimators.

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