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Crash rated fencing and crash rated bollards are fence products that have been tested and certified to withstand a predetermined level of vehicle impact.


How Does Crash Rating Work?

Crash ratings are a system that is largely administered by the US Department of State.

There are two types of rating: K rated, which is an older scale of measurement, and M rated, which is the new system.

Both are designed to measure the amount of force a fence can withstand from vehicular impact, and they're tested by actually driving into a fence in a controlled situation.

Are Crash Rated Fences the Only Anti Ram Fencing Options?

No. Crash ratings are useful for off the shelf fence systems, but they're not the only anti ram fencing options.

Fences can be engineered to withstand the force of vehicle impact. Things like heavier posts, deeper footings and closer spacing all combine to create a fence that is more likely to be crash resistant.

While we don't have engineers on staff that can design a crash rated fence, we can provide information about the material and design options available.

What We Do

Rite-Way Fencing can offer several crash rated fence and bollard solutions.

Our existing relationships with some of the biggest fence manufacturers in the US mean we have ready access to many crash rated fence and crash rated bollard products.

In addition, we are a custom fence manufacturer, which means if your engineers have designed your own anti ram fencing, we can fabricate and install it for you.

ASTM F2656 / F2656M - 20 

Purchase and download the ASTM standards for the

Standard Test Method for Crash Testing of Vehicle Security Barriers.

Guide to Active Vehicle Barrier Specification and Selection Resources

A specifying guide to crash rated fences, crash rated bollards and other barriers, compiled by the The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in America.

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