Done a great job? We want to see it! Enter your job site pictures here to enter our bi annual staff photo contest! Here's how it works:

This contest is open to all employees of Rite-Way Fencing and other members of our group.

To enter, you must submit an image that you have taken on one of our job sites, showcasing your work, OR our crews in action. Twice a year, we will have a company wide vote, and the picture with the most votes will win $150! One runner up with the second highest number of votes will also win $100!

The following rules apply:

  1. This contest is only open to employees of the Rite-Way group.
  2. Any images submitted must be your own, and taken on one of our job sites.
  3. Images should be clear and of a high resolution.
  4. Ideally, pictures should include a Rite-Way vehicle or sign.
  5. If any employees are visible in the picture, they must be willing to sign a release allowing us to use the photograph in marketing materials.
  6. Pictures of people without signed releases will not be eligible to win the contest.
  7. Pictures should show tidy and organized work sites. Photos of messy sites will not be eligible!
  8. By submitting your photograph for this contest, you give Rite-Way Fencing sole and irrevocable rights to its use in print or digital media and marketing.


You can enter as many eligible pictures as you like, and voting for winning pictures will take place mid season during the summer season, and again at the end of fall.

Winners will be notified, and their prize will be added to their next pay cheque.

Show us those fences!


Submit your pictures here to WIN!
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