High Security Fence

Some sites need a little more security. Learn more about your high security fencing options here. 

High security perimeter fencing systems don't only require heavy duty fencing. They also require matching gates. Here's how we handle high security gates.


High Security Steel Gates

Sometimes, a partiuclar high security perimeter fence project demands a gate that is as strong as possible. In that case, a steel gate, whether covered with chain link or something else, might be required.

We can manufacture custom high security gates up to 14' high, and often make gates that are up to 30' wide, or more in the case of high security cantilever gates.

When you build gates like this, they're especially heavy, so many of our high security gates have extra heavy gate posts and hardware, diagonal cable stays or carrier wheels to help carry the load.

High Security Aluminum Gates

Sometimes, a very heavy high security gate is not an option. In that case, it's a good idea to consider an aluminium high security gate as an alternative.

Rite-Way Fencing is one of the few fence companies in Canada that manufacture custom aluminum gates. Our aluminum cantilevers are incredibly lightweight relative to their size and strength, which makes them a great choice for larger openings.

High Security Gate Automation

When we install high security gates, it's often as part of a larger integrated security system.

Our high security gate automation options include peripherals like keypads and card readers, and can be linked to your alarm or access control equipment.

Be sure to ask your Rite-Way Fencing representative abour your high security gate and automation options. We're always happy to help with datasheets, information and drawings.

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