Industrial Fencing

When your site demands the highest possible standard of perimeter security, our industrial fence systems are the only choice.

Entrances and exits matter more than ever when you're installing a high security industrial fence system around a sensitive site.


We understand that form, function and security are all equally important to the integrity of your industrial gates.

That's why we design, manufacture, supply and install the widest range of industrial and high security gate systems in Canada.

Whether it's panic gates to keep your personnel safe, lift gates where space is limited, or a sally port entrance that requires a custom manufacturing solution, Rite-Way Fencing can help.

Industrial Gate Gallery


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  • Cantilever Gates

    Cantilever Gates

    Cantilever gates are one of the most popular commercial gate options, for sites that have the space for the cantilever trailer. We manufacture chain link cantilever gates, and we also supply ornamental options. Cantilever gates can be automated, and there are various peripheral options available.
  • Rolling Gates

    Rolling Gates

    Many people mistake rolling gates for cantilever sliding gates, but while they operate mostly the same, the design and hardware required is very different. Rite-Way fencing supplies and installs a wide range of rolling gate options for every application.
  • Vertical Lift Gates

    Vertical Lift Gates

    Vertical lift gates, also called pivot gates, are a great choice where you want an automated entry or exit gate, but have limited space. Unlike cantilever or rolling gates, which require a fair amount of lateral movement space, these gates have a very small footprint.
  • Swing Gates

    Swing Gates

    Commercial swing gates are available to match chain link fence, ornamental fence and welded mesh fence, to name but a few of the systems we can supply these gates for. Swing gates may be double, single or panic gates, and they may be manually operated or automated.
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