Industrial Fencing

When your site demands the highest possible standard of perimeter security, our industrial fence systems are the only choice.

Integrated perimeter security may be a new concept in Canada, but Rite-Way Fencing is leading the way.


What Is Integrated Perimeter Security?

Integrated perimeter security is a term that encompasses all of the security measures you use on your property perimeter as well as those within the building, provided that those systems all work together to create a holistic security system. For instance, while a fence detection system (FDS) on it's own would not be integrated perimeter security, if you were to connect that FDS system to a management system or alarm, and use that to view zones of the fence line on CCTV cameras that are also installed along the fence line, that would be an example of an integrated perimeter security system.

What We Do

Rite-Way Fencing is primarily a fence contractor, which means that we focus on physical security. However, while we don't undertake standalone electronic security projects, many of the systems and products we do offer can form part of a larger integrated perimeter security project. Our estimators are happy to assist in the design of an integrated perimeter security system that incorporates high security fence, fence detection systems, electric animal fences, automation and access control.

In fact, if you're installing CCTV cameras, infra and an alarm system, we'll work with your security contractor to ensure that the fence system we provide integrates seamlessly with the equipment and management systems they are proposing for your site.

We're also able to provide pricing and design assistance if you need to retrofit an existing perimeter security fence, to make it "smarter" and more secure.

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  • Electric Fence

    Electric Fence

    Electric fence for security is not legal in most parts of Canada - however, electric fences are often used for livestock control, and as bear deterrents, particularly in far northern communities. We can supply and install a bear fence to go along with your industrial fence system, to keep your site secure from predators.
  • Fence Detection Systems

    Fence Detection Systems

    Fence Detection Systems (FDS) are add on electronic security devices that attach to security fences, and use sound or vibration to trigger an alarm when the fence is cut, climbed or breached. Sensitivity can be set on the system, to limit false alarms, and systems usually integrate with security management or alarm systems.
  • Access Control and Peripherals

    Access Control and Peripherals

    Rite-Way Fencing is not a security contractor, but many of the products and peripherals available for our gate operators can integrate with a larger site wide security system. Video and audio intercom systems, entry logging systems and more can all be connected to a system that is installed by your security contractor.
  • Monitoring Options

    Monitoring Options

    Commercial swing gates are available to match chain link fence, ornamental fence and welded mesh fence, to name but a few of the systems we can supply these gates for. Swing gates may be double, single or panic gates, and they may be manually operated or automated.
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