Commercial Fencing

Designed to combine the perfect balance of asthetics, budget consciousness and security, our commercial fence systems get the job done.

There are many applications for interior fence, partition fences and bond store fencing.


Sometimes, you need an interior fence to enclose a storage area. Sometimes, it's to control the flow of people or equipment, and sometimes, it's for safety reasons.

Many of our commercial and industrial customers choose to add options like slats and keypad entry systems to their interior fence systems, particularly when they are storing valuable or hazardous items in a secure area.

Under certain circumstances, we can even supply plated fittings to attach your interior fence to a top and bottom surface, or we can integrate options like rolling track gates to create custom solutions.

Whatever the reason for your interior fence requirement, and whatever the specification and material you are looking for, Rite-Way Fencing is happy to design, manufacture and supply custom interior fencing that meets and exceeds your needs. 

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