High Security Fence

Some sites need a little more security. Learn more about your high security fencing options here. 

Rite-Way Fencing has installed, repaired and upgraded prison fences in various parts of the country. Our estimators, project managers and installers all have experience with the process and unique challenges.


Why Are Prison Fences Different?

Prison fences are typically much taller than your average chain link fence.

Usually, they are 12' tall or more. As chain lin manufacturers, we can custom weave the fabric for these fences in several of our branches, which cuts down on the delivery time for your material.

We also carry a huge stock of heavy duty pipe for prison type fences in several locations, which again makes us able to install new (or repair) prison fencing quickly.

Prison fences also have unique specifications that might include things like razor coils, painted fencing or even metal panels on sensitive areas like isolation unit exercise areas. We can and have done them all. We manufacture gates for prison sally ports, create custom barb arms where required, and have even built custom gabion baskets for bottom-of-the-fence security.

What Makes Prison Fence Installation Different?

It's not only the material that makes a prison fence different.

Prison fences require specialist installers too. Fortunately, most of our branches have crews with the skills and experience to get the job done right. We're also well versed in the security requirements for prison fences, and plan our installation accordingly.

What We Do

If you need a new prison fence, a prison fence repair or to retrofit the fence or gates at a prison, we can help.

If a specification exists for the work you need done, we will quote and install accordingly, but very often, there's no standard for some of the more site specific security challenges.

In these types of scenarios, our estimators can propose a solution, provide pricing and provide design drawings for approval.

We make it easy to get the prison fence you need.

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