Residential Fencing

Our residential fence systems are locally manufactured to the highest quality standards, cost effective and durable, and installed with meticulous attention to detail.

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No matter what kind of residential fence you choose, we have gates that will match or enhance your home.


We manufacture, supply and install a wide range of residential gates to match all of our popular fence systems.

Whether you need chain link gates for a parking pad, or an automated ornamental gate to enhance your home's appearance and security. Supplied and installed by one of our many branches, or in kit form for DIY installation, our gates are the very highest quality, and built to last.

Residential Gates Gallery



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  • Single Gates

    Single Gates

    Single gates, also known as man gates, are part of most of the residential fence projects we do. We manufacture, supply and install single gates to match any fence type, and we carry a full range of hardware including self closing hinges, various latches and more, to keep your yard safe for your family.
  • Double Gates

    Double Gates

    Double gates, driveway gates, RV gates. We manufacture, supply and install them all, in every fence type. With a full range of hardware, and our ability to make your gates to suit your site, there's no double gate project we can't tackle.
  • Estate Gates

    Estate Gates

    A pool is a great addition to your yard, but it can be dangerous for children and pets. Many ornamental fence ranges include products that are designed for pool safety. Better safe than sorry!
  • Rolling & Cantilever Gates

    Rolling & Cantilever Gates

    Rolling gates, with or without automation and access control, are a great way to secure wide openings. We supply and install rolling gates to match most fence types, so be sure to discuss this option with your Rite-Way Fencing representative.
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