Swing, sliding, cantilver, rolling and panic gates. We design, supply and manufacture the highest quality gates to meet any entry, exit and site requirement.

Rolling gates are a special type of sliding gate that require less lateral sliding room than cantilever gates. This makes them ideally suited to installations where there is less space, but a sliding gate is required.


Rolling GateTypical rolling gates or sliding gates include an additional horizontal rail and specialized steel roller wheels and fittings, however, it's also possible to use barn track style hardware to create a top hung gate where required.

We can design, supply and install rolling gates to match many of the fence systems we offer, for interior or exterior applications.

If you need a rolling gate, whether it's a standard, off the shelf option or something specific to your needs, contact your Rite-Way Fencing representative.


Cantilever Gates Vs. Rolling Gates


Item   Cantilever   Rolling Gate
Gate width :     1.5 times opening size       1' wider than gate opening
Supported by : Cantilever rollers    Rolling gate wheels, track brackets and track rollers
Can be automated    : Yes   No
Ground clearance : 6" to 1'   Minimal
Best for : High traffic entrances and exits   Interior and residential / low use areas

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