High Security Fence

Some sites need a little more security. Learn more about your high security fencing options here. 

Temporary Fence

Whether you choose rental fence, a semi permanent fence, or to self install silt fence or snow fence, we've got you covered.


Many construction sites in Canada require simple, short term solutions like silt fence and snow fence.

Snow Fence
Sometimes, we install those fence types for our customers as part of a larger project, but we also offer supply only of these materials via our branch network. Most of our branches should stock prepared rolls of silt fence, rolls of snow fence fabric and t posts to install it with, but we can also order in large quantities on request.

If you need silt fence, snow fence, T posts or any similar supplies, contact your Rite-Way Fencing branch or representative to discuss a quote.




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  • Wider Panels

    Wider Panels

    Rite-Way Rent-A-Fence panels are wider than a typical temporary fence panel, which means you need fewer panels to fence your site, and they're quicker to install.
  • Various Heights

    Various Heights

    We stock 6' and 8' high Rent-A-Fence panels, and special sizes may be available on request for large projects. Customization for mounting on Jersey barriers or additional security features may also be available on request.
  • Temporary and Semi Permanent

    Temporary and Semi Permanent

    Rite-Way Fencing offers a fence for every application. We supply and erect rental fence systems, but we can also supply, install and remove semi permanent fence systems, or supply rolls of silt fence or snow fence for your civil project.
  • Locally Manufactured

    Locally Manufactured

    We manufacture most of our temporary fencing right here in Calgary, Alberta, which means we have complete control over the quality of our panels. That means you get a safer, more secure result.
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