High Security Fence

Some sites need a little more security. Learn more about your high security fencing options here. 

Substations are essential infrastructure. Unfortunately, they are also increasingly the target for thieves looking for copper and other metals for sale. Around the country, electricity producers and distributors are beefing up their substation security fencing.


What Makes Substation Security Fencing Different?

There are several things that make substation security fencing different. The first and most obvious is the place it's installed in.

Because substation fencing is installed alongside high voltage equipment, and because it's conductive, it needs to be carefully grounded. While we usually don't do grounding ourselves, we can modify the fencing we produce to be easier to ground,

The next consideration for your substation fence is that most substations are in out of the way locations, which makes them more vulnerable to unauthorized access.

A higher security fence system is the best choice for most of these sites. Chain link with mini mesh, welded mesh panels and palisade fencing systems are all great options for sites like these. We can also retrofit many existing substation fences (depending on condition) to make them more secure.

What We Do

We work with electricity suppliers and distributors across the country to design, manufacture and install substation fencing systems.

In addition to supplying substation fence material, we also install fences for many provincial and local electicity companies, and we can take on additional work like concrete grade beams and custom gates where required.

As a COR certified contractor with an industry leading project management program, we're uniquely positioned to offer the very best substation fence service out there.

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