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Security Upgrade: A Chain Link Retrofit

Chain link is still, hands down, the most popular fence type in Canada. It's relatively secure, it's relatively cost effective, and it is very easy to get. However, every once in a while, there is a place where a chain link fence just doesn't get the job done. That was the case for our Calgary client, who had a loading dock problem that chain link just couldn't solve. This is how we helped.

How to Install Panel Fences On Slopes

Panel fences are gaining popularity in Canada. Whether it's a palisade fence, ornamental fencing or one of the many welded mesh panel fences out there, we're seeing a lot more people choose this type of fence.

There are a few great reasons for that. Panel fences look great, and many offer enhanced security. But they are a little trickier to install, which means they're definitely best left for the professionals. In this article, we look at three of the ways we can install panel fences on slopes, and the pros and cons of each.

Sometimes, Our Fences Really ARE Wild!

Usually, when we do a higher security fence, it's for a substation or an oilfield site. But sometimes, it's designed to keep some critters safe while they are rehabilitated. That was exactly the case when our Niagara branch recently completed some chain link fencing for the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau, Ontario.

Case Study: New Abbotsford Transit Depot Fencing and Gates

During 2020, over three phases, Rite-Way Fencing in Abbotsford completed fencing at the new Transit facility on Gladys Avenue, near Highway 11. The facility was recently opened by BC Transit, and we're proud to share more information about this higher security commercial chain link fence, gates and associated products.

Custom Cages at Coast Apartments in Canmore

When most people think of privacy slats, they tend to think of their back yard. It's true that privacy slats are a great way to make a back yard chain link fence more privacy friendly, but there are other uses for chain link privacy slats too. In this case, we used them to give residents of this apartment complex storage cages that kept their posessions out of public view.

High Security Omega At Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Facility

In recent years, there's been a shift to higher security fence systems for municipal infrastructure projects. The Bonnybrook wastewater treatment facility in Calgary was no different. We recently completed an interesting Omega Max and chain link project at this site.

When most people think of fencing, they think about a typical fence on a large open piece of ground, set in concrete. Pretty standard stuff.

But when you've been in the fence business as long as we have, you start to see some interesting things. Fortunately, as a fence manufacturer as well as a fence contractor, we can make a fence that fits nearly anywhere!