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The Economics of Security Fencing

There's no denying that things have changed dramatically over the last few weeks, and there are probably more changes coming. Business owners are having to make decisions they never thought they would ever face every day, and it's easy to be overwhelmed. We'd like to remind you to consider the economics of security fencing.

Tough Times Demand Tougher Security

In Canada, we're lucky that we're relatively economically stable, most people earn a good living, and crime and poverty are relatively low. However, those are drivers for criminal activity, and with so many people currently working from home or otherwise restricted from moving, there will be more and more opportunities for people with less than fantastic intentions to take advantage of the situation.

Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is still the world's most popular fence. There are hundreds of thousands of feet of this type of fence installed on nearly every continent, and there is no sign it's slowing down.

As chain link fencing manufacturers, suppliers and installers, we know this fence system inside and out, so here's what you need to know about this wonderful fence system.

What Is 358 Fencing?


If you are doing research about high security fencing, you have probably asked yourself what is 358 fencing? That's because 358 mesh is very common in high security applications around the world.

While 358 mesh is relatively new in Canada, Rite-Way Fencing is one of the few fence companies that are actively growing our product line in this area, and we're happy to tell you what you need to know.

What Makes a Security Fence Different?


Most people do not think much about fences at all. They certainly don’t ponder what the difference between a security fence and the fence around their back yard is, and the truth is, until they’re faced with the task of choosing a fence to secure a commercial, industrial or institutional property, they really have no idea what they are even looking for.

We DO know what the difference between security fences and residential fences, and we are happy to share a few of the key elements you should be looking for here.

Barbed Wire Fencing: What You Need to Know


Barbed wire fencing is common throughout Canada, but there are different types of barbed wire fencing, and different applications for this versatile fencing product.

In some cases, barbed wire fencing is little more than a means of delineating property lines and containing livestock, while it others, it serves as an additional security deterrant. Here's what you need to know about barbed wire.


If you live in any big city in Canada, or in fact in most parts of the world, chances are you see temporary fencing on a daily basis. Around every construction site, restricting access to any landscape hazard, there are wire mesh panels of various sizes and colors everywhere you look.

However, while you might think they are unnecessary or even unsightly, temporary fencing in construction is very much a necessary part of the cityscape. Here’s why:

What Does It Mean to be a COR Certified Fence Contractor


Most commercial and industrial consruction companies in Western Canada know what it means to be a COR certified fence contractor, but there are still some people who don't understand what makes a fence company that has COR so different.

Safety Focus

The first difference, when dealing with a COR certified fence contractor, is that the whole organization will be safety focused. COR demands that processes be put in place, and management protocols be followed, but also that workers at every level of the organization be trained and educated in proper safety practices. Everyone is equipped with the correct PPE, knows how to use it, and is motivated to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.