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Protecting Vehicles from Golfballs in West Kelowna

Having a hotel right next to a golf course is great! Guests can spend the day practicing their swing without having to drive to the course. But, while the Marriot Hotel in West Kelowna loved being able to give their guests easy access to the golf course, the balls were a risk for cars in their parking lot.

The Problem

Everybody knows that when you whack a golf ball, you don't have complete control over where it goes. Sometimes, it goes where you least expect it.

That was the concern for the parking area of the Marriot Hotel in West Kelowna. So, contractor IMC Construction of Red Deer had to find a solution that would protect the cars, but not block those famous Kelowna views!

If you've already invested in a perimeter fence, but you're finding that it doesn't get the job done, as far as security goes, you might feel like there aren't any options. However, that's not true. There are actually several options to retrofit fences for added security, and we recently completed a project just like that.

Multi Purpose Parkade Stairwells

Space is at a premium in most modern buildings. Every corner needs to be used efficiently, and the space under stairwells is no different. Custom interior fence solutions can help to transform previously wasted space into usable, secure storage areas.

Protecting Calgary's Pedestrians with Security Fencing

Usually, when you talk about security fencing, you're talking about a fence that protects private property. But sometimes, the fence is designed to protect people instead. That was the case when we installed a high security fence at the Glenmore Interchange recently.

Security Cages for Every Application

When you think of fencing, you probably think of long lines of security fence outside. Or an ornamental fence keeping your pool or property safe. But security fence has a lot more uses than that, and some of those are inside your home or business.

Storage cages, propane storage cages, metal storage cages. Call them what you will, they can be installed nearly anywhere, and be used to protect nearly anything. We’ve even installed them hanging from the roof!

Custom Handrails for Leons

Handrails are more than just functional. Wherever you have stairs or any kind of drop off (especially in public spaces) you're legally required to provide some kind of protection against accidental falls.

Fortunately, handrails can be as much style as they are substance.Here's what we did for a local Leons store.

Ground Conditions and Fencing: What You Need to Know

When you’re thinking about installing a fence, you probably think about how tall you want it to be, what kind you like and how much you might need. But there are a lot of other things that go into a successful fence installation. One of those is ground conditions.

Here’s how what’s under the dirt matters, and how it might affect your fence.