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How Does Electric Fence Work?

Electric fence is not a common choice in Canada. In fact, while it's used for security in many parts of the world, here in Canada, we use it mainly for animal control. If you've ever wondered how does electric fence work, read on!

Like most Canadian fence companies, we don't do a lot of electric fence, but we can certainly supply (and sometimes install) it for our customers. Here's what you need to know.

Vinyl fence installed on rock wall

In a perfect world, every fence would be installed on clear and level ground, in soil that's easy to dig, on a sunny day. But we don't live in a perfect world, which means questions like "can vinyl fence be installed on a wall" are fairly common

Fortunately, we've been around long enough to have seen most types of site and installation challenge, and there's always a fence solution that can solve the problem! Read on to find out more about how vinyl fence can be installed on a wall or slab.

Fencing Showcase: Multi Sport Fencing in the Okanagan

There are many types of fencing out there. Privacy fencing. Security fencing. Decorative fencing. Some fencing is functional too, and sports fences are a good example of that type.

Hockey fences, tennis court fencing, pickle ball fencing. They should all look good, but they also have a very important job to do.

In many cases, sports facility fencing is designed to protect the public and property. Tennis balls, hockey pucks, golf balls and soccer balls can all be moving very quickly, and if it weren’t for the protective fencing around these facilities, injuries or damage could easily result. There's a certain amount of legal liability when things like that happen, so it's always a good idea to make sure you have a fence, and it's in good shape!

Why Is Welded Wire Mesh More Secure?

If you're researching high security fencing, you might have found that many of the systems out there are welded wire mesh. What you might not have discovered is why welded wire mesh is considered higher security, and what your other options are.

We've been in the high security fence business for a long time, which is why we decided to explain all of these things.

10 Ways to Increase Security of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence is one of Canada's most popular fence types. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of it installed around the world, and we sell tens of thousands of feet of chain link fabric every year.

However, while chain link is cost effective, durable, forgiving of minor gradient changes and quick to install, there are security tweaks that can be made to make it a better barrier. Here is our list of the most important things you can do to beef up the security of your chain link fence installation:

Rooftop Fencing in Calgary

Rooftop fencing isn't the most common request in the fence world, but when you've been in the fence business as long as Rite-Way Fencing, you've seen it all! We recently completed a rooftop fencing project in Calgary.

Like most fence projects, this one was unique and interesting, and we delivered a finished product that made this downtown Calgary rooftop safe and secure.

Our welding shop created custom baseplate solutions that allowed our crew to install this fence on an existing wooden walkway and stair structure, and the galvanized chain link fence is durable, will last for many years to come, and does little to impede the views of the Alberta sky and the city skyline.

The professional commercial fence crew that installed this fence paid close attention to aesthetics, since this project was about securing a public area, and we knew that the client needed a fence that would get the job done well, but also look great doing it. 

Fortunately, as a fence manufacturer and a specialist fence contractor, we have the skills and in house experience to tackle projects like these in our stride.

Local Recognition for our Edmonton Branch

Rite-Way Fencing is Canada's largest fence company, and one of it's oldest, with over twenty years of serving many Canadianc communities behind us, and many more ahead.

However, even with all of that experience and a solid track record, it's always nice to get local recognition for what we do. Which was why we were very excited to be notified by that we had been featured on their list of the best fence companies in that city.